Student Information

Student Name

Kyle Ruppert




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Sound View Electronics

Mentor(s):Ron Rego

Topic of Internship

Audio and Video Systems

Background Information

Sound View Electronics is a premier custom audio and video company that has served the New York - New Jersey metropolitan area for over 14 years. They design and install high-end entertainment and production systems for both home and office. They work directly with builders, architects and interior designers to create the best solution for each project.

Summary of Internship

The beginning of my internship, I worked behind the desk on the showcase floor located in Ridgewood. Here in Ridgewood I became familiar with the products that were being sold to customers and being installed in their houses by the installation crew. Since Sound View Electronics is a fast growing company, I also assisted with office tasks such as answering the phone, taking notes, and sending out e-mails. Later I progressed to a more hands on experience with sound/audio system installations with the help of the installation team. In the process, I learned how to cut out sheet rock, run audio/cable wires, install cameras, speakers and televisions, stripe wires, and hook up the wiring with the systems. I also observed the process of programming a complicated universal remote. I personally enjoyed seeing an entertainment system come together that families could enjoy in the future. It was awesome.

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