Student Information

Student Name

Diego Quintero




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Nathan G. Fink Esq., L.L.C.

Mentor(s):Nathan G. Fink

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Nathan G. Fink is a member of both the New Jersey State and Pennsylvania State Bar Association. Mr. Fink received his CPA from the State of New York, a Jurist Doctorate from Loyola University, and his LLM from New York University. Mr. Fink started his own private law and accounting firm in 1978. His main focus is on business law and he does extensive accounting work, including business deals, closings, wills, and taxes.

Summary of Internship

I decided to take an internship in accounting to see if this is what I really wanted to study in the future. At the firm of Nathan G. Fink Esq., L.L.C., I learned about accounting and, maybe more importantly, I learned how the “real world” operates. I learned life lesson that will probably taught me more about myself and the potential that is within me. I am grateful for Mr. Fink's guidance and support and, as a result of this internship I actually want to pursue a career as an accountant.

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