Student Information

Student Name

Julio Cuevas




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hilton Hotels Fort Lee

Mentor(s):Lisa M. Gallo

Topic of Internship

Human Resources Department

Background Information

The Hilton Hotel in Fort lee is a private branch of the Hilton Hotel franchise owned by two sisters, Ashley Yook and Angeline Cho. The Hilton consists of many different departments: engineering, accounting, catering/sales, front office, house keeping, including the Human Resources which is run by my mentor Lisa Gallo. Each department contributes greatly to the success of the Hilton hotel.

Summary of Internship

My mentor Lisa Gallo is the manager of the human resources department of the Hilton Hotel in Fort Lee. As director of this department, she has many responsibilities such as announcing important employee information, hiring or firing employees, and training staff among other things. One thing that I did learn about this internship is that a manager has to create a positive environment for all employees and he/she has to make all employees happy. As an intern, I had many duties such as announcing employee information on the weekly/bi-weekly Fort Leader article, creating flyers containing vital information, and organizing the Applicant Flow Log. This is by far my most consistent responsibility for each week. The Applicant Flow Log is a record of all the people who come to the hotel and apply for a position. These applications vary each week depending on how many positions need to be filled and how many advertisements are posted. This experience has really taught me that it is not easy to have a job with so many responsibilities. There are some things that people do not really want to do and it could be tedious at times; however, people have to be accountable for their own responsibilties and each job has to be done. I am grateful that Ms. Gallo has taught me these very valuable lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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