Student Information

Student Name

Melissa Piccinich





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Super Star Productions

Mentor(s):John "Johnny Rocks" Galluzzi

Topic of Internship

Radio Broadcasting/Event Coordinating

Background Information

This company was created in 2001 by John Galluzzi. This company works mainly with the Generoso Pope Foundation an Italian-American organization in Tuckahoe NY for all events throughout the year however a few festivals for the Village of Tuckahoe are planned by SuperStar Productions. Because Johnny Rocks is also a KTU DJ he creates mixes for the station to play periodically. Various established and up incoming artist send Johnny their material to add to his KTU plays list, freelance clubbing mixes or for general remixing and production. Prior to working the Midday Mix for KTU, he worked for 18 years at 95.7 in Miami.

Summary of Internship

I absolutely love what I am doing at my internship. Thus far, I have worked at two major events, handled various established artists in the dance genre, attended meetings with music programmers and record producers and help create radio mix shows that as heard by millions everyday. I get hands-on experience in a world where communicating is key and business success is based on a strong ability to work hard while promoting you company’s image through your actions. Weekly, I look through stacks of new CDs and records that are sent to SuperStar Productions. During events, I work exclusively with the performers as the Talent Coordinator. If you are an outgoing, mature, ambitious person who needs to do more than file papers then the world of entertainment is for you. Any prospective communications major would benefit greatly from this. (I need to note this particular internship will not be available next year)

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