Student Information

Student Name

Matthew Kelly




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission

Mentor(s):David W. Schoner, Jr.

Topic of Internship

Film Production

Background Information

The New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission is a State office staffed by industry professionals who work with directors, producers, and other industry professionals to help facilitate filmmaking in the state of New Jersey. The NJMPTC is a non-profit organization commissioned by the Office of the Governor to promote the revival of the filmmaking industry in New Jersey.

Summary of Internship

My interest in filmmaking led me to intern at the NJMPC. I had hoped to learn the technical aspects of filmmaking and to make some networking connections with the people in the filmmaking business. Over the course of the year I have met interesting people in the filmmaking industry and I had the chance to go on location during the shooting a feature film coming out this summer. Additionally, I assisted with clerical tasks in the office, including updating location lists, making phone calls and selecting photographs of locations to be considered by prospective producers. One of the most enjoyable activities involved screening test footage of film works in progress by NJMPC’s staff. On one occasion, we converted the office to a movie set and used it for a film project. Most relevant to my filmmaking ambition was the opportunity to read screenplays of motion pictures that have been made and those that may be made in the future.

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