Student Information

Student Name

Paul Lee




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Merrill Lynch

Mentor(s):Daniel Nigro

Topic of Internship

Wealth Management

Background Information

Merrill Lynch is a financial firm that offers programs such as capital market services, investment banking, wealth and asset management, insurance, banking and other services on a global level. Their primary clients are high net-worth clients, small businesses, as well as mid-sized businesses. One of Merill Lynch's premier teams, the Wealth Management Group, helps clients set up an investment portfolio as well as helps clients for retirement and life events.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Merrill Lynch, I do basic office duties such as filing, answering phone calls, organizing income and outgoing mail, in addition to creating spreadsheets on customer resources. By doing these tasks, not only am I able to expand my office skills, but I am also able to gain real life experiences in a corporate and professional surrounding. In midst of all the office work, I am able to gain knowledge on the economy and market. By creating spreadsheets, I am required to research certain information on stocks and mutual funds. By filing receipts from wire transfers and deposits, I can observe the moving and spending of money. The work I do at Merrill Lynch provides me with a first-hand experience of the economic world.

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