Student Information

Student Name

Ericia L. Antoine




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Jill Artsis

Topic of Internship

Infusion Center

Background Information

Englewood Hospital & Medical Center has been around since 1890. Englewood Hospital has an outstanding reputation for healthcare and patient care. Englewood Hospital is a leader in providing high quality healthcare by using state of the art technology and by also providing innovative programs and services to their patients. Englewood Hospital is very well known for itís Cardiac Bypass Surgery, it is number one at Englewood Hospital

Summary of Internship

Englewood Hospital is a wonderful place to intern if you want to venture in to the medical field. At the hospital the mentors allow you to see every aspect of what they do on a daily basis. The first few months at Englewood Hopsital I interned on the psychiatric ward.This gave me an oppurtunity to interact with the patients and see many different kinds of mental disorders. I was able to participate in groups and aldo lead groups , that showed me that my mentors trusted me a great deal. Currently I intern on the infusion floor were there tranfuse flood and other fluids into peoples body.

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