Student Information

Student Name

Noah Ruede




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Aquarian Weekly

Mentor(s):JJ Koczan

Topic of Internship

Music Journalism

Background Information

The Aquarian Weekly is an alternative music newspaper serving the Tri-state area, offering subscriptions throughout the continental United States. They offer local bands their first taste of publicity and exposure by publishing previews to their shows, reviewing their performances and reviewing their albums. They also keep the public informed about the goings-on of many major label bands through the use of interviews, CD review features and the like. The Aquarian Weekly also publishes reviews of recent DVD releases, as well as political editorials.

Summary of Internship

I had a thrilling hands-on experience as an Aquarian intern. While I started off doing light office work and writing "Spotlights," or 250-word show previews, I soon gained the trust of my mentor. I am now writing multiple album reviews a week, and have had the pleasure of attending various performances and reviewing them to be published. It is truly gratifying to have the work that your learning experience produced be published for thousands of people across America to see.

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