Student Information

Student Name

Susan Lee




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Department of Health Services

Mentor(s):Ellen Taner

Topic of Internship

Health Promotion

Background Information

The Bergen County Department of Health Services informs and educates the public about health issues by providing people with needed personal health services and assuring health care when otherwise unavailable. The Health Promotion Department has a duty to the community of educating and informing people about current health issues, early detection of cancer, prevention of deadly diseases, and treatment. It advertises and promotes daily healthy activities that people could do to live a little longer and stay strong and healthy. Ellen Taner works in the Health Promotion Department where she works as a health coordinator. While she writes articles on health issues and helps other members of the department with their health projects, she goes to middle and high schools in the Bergen County to promote safe health. Her participation and role in the organization as a health coordinator is extremely important to the department.

Summary of Internship

During my stay at the Bergen County Department of Health Services, I worked as Ellen Taner's assistant. I mainly did secretarial work which included answering phone calls, labeling envelopes and brochures, stacking and cutting papers, making edits on certain drafts in the computer, and more. However, I also had the opportunity to follow Ellen around the middle and high schools of Bergen County. I watched as she explained to the school gym teachers and nurses about skin cancer and showed them the DVD about early detection, prevention, and treatment for skin cancer. She also explained how the teachers and nurses should go about explaining to the students in easy, understandable terms. Sometimes however, Ellen would speak directly to the groups of students. One time, Ellen even allowed me to speak in front of high school freshmen. I knew the material well because I had seen Ellen speak many times over. However, I was still extremely nervous. When the DVD was over, I spoke with the students and explained to them everything that I had learned about skin cancer. I told them that by doing self checks in the mirror and looking for unusual moles, they could detect it early. I explained that applying sunscreen when going out, even when the sun is not out, could help prevent skin cancer. I passed on my knowledge that I had acquired from Ellen to the other students and in the end, I was proud.

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