Student Information

Student Name

G. Michael Barrameda




Internship Information

Company/Organization: B. Thayer Associates

Mentor(s):Steve F. Pavich

Topic of Internship

Architecture/Civil Engineering

Background Information

B. Thayer Associates was founded Ms. Barbara Thayer in 1990. She envisioned a company that could integrate many different fields, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Landscape Engineering, Traffic Maintenance, and Surveying, all into one cohesive whole. Currently, the company has spread from its New York branch to one in New Jersey and one in Long Island. B. Thayer Associates works with many city departments including the New York State Department of New York and the Port Authority of NY and NJ.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at B. Thayer Associates, I was involved in a wide variety of responsibilities and was exposed to the intricacies of operating a business today. For example, I was integrated into the departments of Architecture, Engineering, Marketing, Accounting and Administration. Many of my daily tasks included filing, creating spreadsheets, conducting product research, and a variety of other administrative tasks. I had the opportunity to join meetings and company lectures. My mentor had maximized my time at the company and, as a result, I received a well rounded education from BTA. Over the year, I have learned so much more at BTA than any classroom could teach me.

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