Student Information

Student Name

Ashley S. Collier




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Phyllis Capiaghi, Carol Branch, & Cynthia Perez Bono

Topic of Internship

Psychiatry/ Behavioral Health

Background Information

Englewood Hospital was incorporated in 1888 as a non-profit, non-sectarian voluntary health care facility devoted to "the care, maintenance and cure of the sick, the injured and the infirm." It officially opened its doors on June 14, 1890 in a 12 bed wooden building on a three acre tract of land on Engle Street. Englewood Hospital is the number one hospital in cardiac surgery and is highly regarded as one of the top hospitals in the U.S. This hospital is continuously being expanded upon and renovated allowing the creation of new and or larger prosperous departments. The psychiatric department is one of the most productive and successful departments. Its main purpose is to rehabilitate and facilitate normal behavior that will allow its patients to live a full and productive life in todayís society.

Summary of Internship

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center offers a wide variety of opportunities and experiences for their interns. My internship is in the unit known as ď4 EastĒ due to its location in the hospital. 4 East is the Behavioral Health Unit, which is the psychiatric floor. I preformed a various tasks there such as interacting with the patients, participating in groups, and attending educational staff meetings. Iíve truly had a very interesting experience here; one that Iíll never forget. Iím grateful for this opportunity because ironically I learned Justas much from the staff as of unique patients. Iíve met patients who suffered from a wide range of different illnesses such as drug and alcohol abuse to schizophrenia, or dementia to depression, or even suicidal patients to patients with anxiety issues. As far as the staff, I learned how to conduct myself in the work environment and also how not to conduct myself. I learned about the importance of the role of the ďlittle manĒ because a little help sometimes goes a long way. Even just filing papers can lift a burden off someoneís shoulders. I found out from the patients how important it is to show you care rather then just saying you do. Thatís why a smile, a simple gesture, or simply remembering a patients name goes a very long way. Iíve realized that the 3 Cís are vital to a successful recover; Comfort, Compassion, and Consideration. I would like to thank the 4 East time for their patience and dedication to my pursuit of education. I think that a quote that I learned here truly sumís up my experience. ďToday; I will be too calm for worry, too noble for anger, and too strong for defeat. Today, I will believe anything is possible; I will walk through fear without hesitation. Today, I will stand for something. Today, I will make a difference.Ē

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