Student Information

Student Name

Miriam Saquique




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Sheriff's Department

Mentor(s):Mrs. Lori Swiston and Lieutenant Davis

Topic of Internship

Law Enforcement

Background Information

The Sheriff’s Department is composed of different Divisions and Units. Each division or unit is in charge of a certain area in Law Enforcement. The Bureau of Criminal Investigations includes the Crime Scene Unit and Detective’s Unit. Both of these units work inside the same building. The detectives in this building work with local town and city law enforcement. Because they have advanced technology, many crime evidence from local towns and cities of Bergen County are sent here to be tested. They have also worked to solve crimes with the NJ State Police.

Summary of Internship

My internship was within the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. My role as an intern consisted of mostly warrants and working with the Detective Unit. I got the chance to see every part of the building and learn about the different tasks they each perform. I was also able to see other units and divisions working outside the BCI building such as the K-9 Unit and the Correctional Division.

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