Student Information

Student Name

Jordams Cespedes




Internship Information

Company/Organization: New York Fasteners

Mentor(s):John Kolodziejski and Jonathan Fernandez

Topic of Internship

Graphic Design

Background Information

NYF Corp. is a customer-driven, team-based distributor of assembly components. Founded in 1956, we distribute a wide variety of aerospace, military, telecommunications, and industrial fasteners with quality requirements based on the critical nature of their applications. NYF places a strong focus on quality and on-time delivery, and employs state-of-the-art technology to support its business needs. NYF also offers value added services, designed to reduce or eliminate customers' costs of purchasing, receiving, inspecting, processing and managing inventories. The company strategy flows from the Vision Statement, written by the employees in 1993 and amended in 1996 to focus on customer success, not merely customer satisfaction.

Summary of Internship

NYF Corp. is a company whose main earnings come from the Aerospace field. I intern in their IT department which consists of a mere 4 employees all under the head of my mentor, John Kolodziejski. The company doesn’t really have a graphic design department and because of this it’s more of a “self-motivated” thing. Initially, I was given two projects; to make signs for the warehouse department and a new “Welcome” screen. On a daily basis I come in, unwind and then get to work. I just recently finished the welcome screen using flash. It has taken longer than expected because I had to learn flash from scratch. Through-out my time here I have learned how server and communication between companies thousands of miles away works. I have had a chance to work with my hands even though most of the time was spent on the computer and most importantly I have gotten a feel for this field of work and study and what it has to offer.

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