Student Information

Student Name

Jasmine White





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Zenith Dental

Mentor(s):Lisa Costello, Daniel Creighton

Topic of Internship

Bio/Medical Engineering

Background Information

Larry Katz and Herb Wolfe founded Zenith Dental in 1983. The initial business focus was on the sales and distribution of quality private-label products. Mr. Katz foresaw the growing industry interest in esthetic dentistry and turned the company’s attention to high-end restorative materials. “Cosmetic dentistry is no longer just about teeth-bleaching and white composite for fillings,” Mr. Katz emphasized. “It is an art that must be mastered by the clinician’s eyes and hands, and in the materials they choose for their palette. Individuals today are transforming dentistry into an art form. These people are artists and craftsmen, who not only create a unique transformation on their patients, but also change their patients’ psyches.” Zenith Dental is the visionary company behind some of dentistry’s best-known restorative products. Together with DMG, a partner in research and distribution, Zenith Dental has become known as the “Automix specialists.” Its leading role in Automix products began over a decade ago with the release of Luxatemp®, the first automix provisional restorative material. “Zenith’s ongoing relationship with the industry’s leading clinicians has enabled us to remain responsive to the needs of the dental community,” stated Larry Katz, President of Zenith Dental. “Sometimes, new products begin with a special request or suggestion from a dentist. Other times, as in the case of LuxaCore and LuxaBite, leading clinicians actually have an active role in creating the product.” Clinician involvement has not only led to many innovative products, but has also resulted in the development of cutting-edge dental techniques and unique applications for these materials Zenith Dental is a division of Foremost Dental LLC in Englewood, New Jersey.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Formost Dental, I was able to explore the world of dentitsry from behind the scenes. When you go to the dentiost it i hard to figure out what they are using on you and why, but at Zenith I was able to see the tools up close and find out what they were for. My first day I put together Spirapost®PFS kits. Those are the little posts that keep your teeth in place after a root canal. I also got to put together etchgel kits. Etchgel is a anesthetic, it also whitens the enamel and prepares it for the procedure.

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