Student Information

Student Name

Brent Watts




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Justice Center

Mentor(s):Denise Lambros

Topic of Internship

Small Claims & Special Civil Part

Background Information

Bergen County's Superior Court serves its people by allowing them to file law suits in any of the different divisions ranging from Family Court to Civil claims. The court system has been around for many years, and the court is here to be fair to both sides, whether they are the plantiff or defendant.

Summary of Internship

I started off working with Denise in the Special Civil Part. Small Claims is where we were transfered to about halfway through my internship. I find small claims to be more interesting because there is more to do, and you can interact with people more often than you could in small claims. When Denise and I first moved to Small Claims I spent time in the courtroom which was an interesting experience. I'm glad that I took on this internship and I am looking forward to working here for a summer job.

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