Student Information

Student Name

Coco Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Teaneck Community Charter School

Mentor(s):Suzanne Weiss

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Teaneck Community Charter School (TCCS) is not your average elementary school. “The Teaneck Community Charter School is part of a national initiative to improve the quality of public education. Charter school legislation was created to allow groups of parents and educators to create innovative educational alternatives within their own communities.” (1) Charter schools are funded with public money, charge no tuition, and are open too all children in the district. TCCS also has special features that should be in classroom in the nation. The special features are: each classroom does not consist more than sixteen students; each classroom is culturally, racially, economically, and academically diverse; parents know what exactly is going on in the classroom; the families work together with the school to improve the environment for each child; environmental studies, visual and performing arts are incorporated into the curriculum and daily school life; and admission is by lottery. This school allows students to work in diverse, cooperative teams to construct substantial results. They will also be able to use computers for education from Kindergarten until the eighth grade. TCCS’s goal is to involve parents completely in building this new form of education and also create a successful model that can be replicated by the nation. TCCS wants to really change the form of education for students to enjoy what they learn and embrace what they learn in everyday life. When I went to the school for the interview, I was just expecting it to be a normal elementary school. I honestly did not know what a charter school was so I was not expecting anything special. I was interviewed by a man named Craig. I never really learned his last name since everyone called him Craig. During the interview, I was very nervous. I was not sure what to say and it seemed like words were just flying out of my mouth. I think the interview went well because afterwards he gave me the tour of the school and let me meet my mentor, Suzanne Weiss.

Summary of Internship

I decided that I wanted to intern here. If I were to ever become a teacher, I would like to be like Ms. Weiss. My responsibilities as an intern consisted of correcting papers and making copies in the beginning. It was a bit tedious at first but then I started to really enjoy reading some of the students’ stories. Some were very creative and I could not believe that a student that is in the fourth grade wrote this. After a few weeks, Ms. Weiss let me work one on one with some students who needed help with their class work. I enjoyed doing that the most. My favorite part throughout the entire internship was interacting with the students. During my time there, I went to a lot of field trips. One field trip that I went to was to New York City to watch a show at the New Victory Theatre. The show was very funny and I was able to bond with a lot of students during the field trips. Interning at the Teaneck Community Charter School helped me realize that I really enjoy being with children and being able to teach them. It feels wonderful to open a new door for them when you teach them something new. I am really glad that Ms. Weiss was my mentor. Even if she might not know it, she taught me a lot. She taught me how to be organized and how students should be taught. She also showed me that involving students in group activities/projects, letting them have hands on projects, and involving them in real life situations is essential to education. I really enjoyed interning at TCCS but I do not think I want to be a teacher. However, what I would like to be will be something like a teacher, children’s pastor and/or youth pastor. It is not definite but for now it feels like it is. Interning at TCCS helped me grow and realize that I would do anything that had to do with children involved. Ms. Weiss techniques in teaching will help me a lot throughout my life if I pursue working with children. Hopefully, I could be as optimistic and energetic as Ms. Weiss. I would definitely recommend interning at Teaneck Community Charter School to others because you could so much from there compared to a regular school. It will open your eyes to a new environment and teach you things that you did not know about.

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