Student Information

Student Name

Lizzet Soto





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Smith Barney - Citigroup

Mentor(s):Mr. Allen Liebb (First Vice President - Wealth Management)

Topic of Internship

Wealth Management

Background Information

Smith Barney is a division of Citigroup Global Capital Markets Inc., a global, full-service financial firm that provides brokerage, investment banking and asset management services to corporations, governments and individuals around the world. Smith Barney has 634 offices where Financial Advisors service 8.9 million domestic client accounts representing $1.227 trillion in client assets worldwide. These clients range from individual investors to small- and mid-sized businesses, as well as large corporations, non-profit organizations and family foundations. Smith Barney handles everything from cash management to financial planning, brokerage services, estate planning, block trading and alternative investments. Citigroup brings together organizations that are extraordinary as stand-alone entities, but combined these organizations comprise an enterprise that is virtually unmatched in its breadth and depth of resources to serve the client. Financial Services helps customers manage their money for either long or short term security. We do this by providing banking, investment, portfolio management, and analyzing an individual's financial needs. Provide customers with personal, individualized attention to fit their financial needs in a convenient environment.

Summary of Internship

At Smith Barney, I have been given the opportunity to explore a wide range of elements that must be met in order to keep your client happy. After all, the main task is always keeping the clients happy with adequate communication for their long term financial success; though, making business is a close second. I had four main responsibilities at my internship. First, I listened to conference calls that Mr. Liebb deemed important such included company’s new innovation . These include calls from company executives, industries calls, and inside private Citigroup calls. Then I would discuss the calls with my mentor and focus on the major points for each which I took notes on. My second task consisted of creating models in excel that my mentor can then use to monitor his stock performance. I created new models, or at least made modifications to existing ones on a weekly basis. My third job included updating these models and tables and verifying that they are all reasonable and accurate. The four task I did was go to the Bloomberg section office and evaluate the information I had obtain for the conference calls, the new bulletins, or just by reading the Wall Street Journal throughout the day and check the stock which most of my mentors companies are invested in. During meeting with clients he would let me inside and help him talk to create better portfolios for his clients by the selling, trading, and buying of new stocks. Of course, when necessary, I answered the phones and helped put together mailings. In the end, I learned that the fundamental part of this business is the building of personal, individualized relationships with clients and coworkers. Everything else simply builds on these relationships.

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