Student Information

Student Name

Lewinasha Peterkin





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Data Processing Division

Mentor(s):Deborah Frank

Topic of Internship

Money Managment

Background Information

On April 3, 1987, the Board of Freeholders adopted an Administrative Code reorganizing Bergen’s then 304-year-old “freeholder” form of government. The county’s 58 departments, which were operating prior to the charter change, were reduced to eight, without eliminating any services to county residents. Dennis McNerney is the Bergen County Executive. Under the State Charter, the County Executive handles the day-to-day operations of the county government, appointing the department heads and overseeing the activities of all departments and divisions. Robert E. Laux is the current County Administrator who works under Dennis McNerney. Robert Riccardella is the Chief of Staff and Brian Hague is the Communications Director .In the County of Bergen there are many programs that work under the department. The department in which I intern is Data Processing. The current Director of Data Processing Deborah A. Frank. The Supervisor of Programming and Systems are Evelyn Guzman and Wayne Atkins.

Summary of Internship

At the County of Bergen; Data Processing Division the tasks include main office duties. These include, answering the office phone, transferring calls, extension use, and put individuals on hold, taking messages, and writing them into log books. I have improved my knowledge of computer applications. I’ve gained experience money management by checking and correcting the budgets and matching the money spent with the products purchased. I was taught how to input data correctly and edit the names and settings.

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