Student Information

Student Name

Cynthia Lee




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Prime Fur and Leather Inc.

Mentor(s):Ms. Han

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Prime Fur and Leather Inc. is a personal business started by Ms. Irene Han and Mr. Brian Han. Founded in 1998, the business has already spread throughout the east coast as well as across the nation. Located in Fairview, NJ, Flushing, NY, Palisades Park, NJ, and even Virginia, Prime Fur and Leather Inc. also tours across the United States, visiting clothing conventions to sell their merchandise. With seven branches across the country, Prime Fur and Leather Inc. is a family run business where all of the management positions consist of direct family members. They create their own women’s clothing line, including fur and leather coats and accessories, and they also participate in seasonal fashion shows to endorse their new styles. Ten years since its making, they also buy, make, supply, and import fur coats to stock their stores.

Summary of Internship

An internship at Prime Fur and Leather Inc. is similar to yet different from most other internships. With knowledge needed from the corporate world as well as the fashion industry, interns must be familiar with basic business fundamentals as well as popular trends. Having most events occur on days other than Thursdays, an internship at Prime Fur and Leather Inc. requires dedication and commitment not only on Thursdays, but other days throughout the week as well, even maybe weekends. Basic work done on a regular day includes filing papers, attending to incoming phone calls, checking inventory and stock, and making appointments with potential investors and clients. Transportation of some sort is necessary because interns must pick up office supplies at Staples or Ms. Han may require some assistance at one of the many branches, located in the area. A special day interning may include fashion shows, photo shoots, design and development, technology upgrading and meetings for potential styles for the next season. Aside from the unique experiences, an intern also gains personal connections with small celebrities, political figures, and other high status clients looking for a particular coat, accessory, or design.

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