Student Information

Student Name

Myles Gamboa




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Merrill Lynch

Mentor(s):JoAnn Valle

Topic of Internship

Wealth Management

Background Information

Merrill Lynch is internationally known as one of the leading wealth management companies in the world that consists of two divisions, Global Markets & Investment Banking and Global Wealth Management. The business was founded on January 6, 1914 by Charles E. Merrill who had later created the joint company with colleague, Edmund C. Lynch. This investment bank assists individuals, small companies, organizations, and institutions spread globally in 40 different countries and contain assets worth $2 trillion. The company focuses on its clients by representing “excellence, integrity, and ethical behavior”.

Summary of Internship

Merrill Lynch provides a comfortable and accepting work atmosphere that gives beginners a real perspective on the business world. Responsibilities vary throughout each coming week and have given me the proper education to further my knowledge about wealth management. Duties can range from filing papers, picking up mail, rewriting notes, data entry, research, reviewing files, and even managing financial statements. During this experience, I have taken on numerous tasks and projects that have helped me get a greater understanding of the wealth management division of the company. With working with such an elite group, I have learned business competition, ethic, and relations. Merrill Lynch is a successful corporation that has given me an opportunity to learn about a rigorous work environment at a young age.

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