Student Information

Student Name

Gissele Casco




Internship Information

Company/Organization: New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission

Mentor(s):David W. Schoner, Jr.

Topic of Internship

Film and Video Production

Background Information

The New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission has been in existence for about 28 years. It was first established during the 1920’s when Thomas Edison’s invention of both the “kinetograph” (a motion picture camera) and the “kinetoscope” (a peep-hole motion picture viewer), where put to the test. New Jersey is regarded as the movie making capital of the world, in large part because of its various sceneries such as urban sceneries, rural sceneries, tranquil sceneries, busy sceneries, water features, mountainous features etc. In fact, Hoboken and Bayonne have been two prestigious locations for filmmakers for over many years. Many westerns have been filmed in Bayonne and various city-like scenes have been filmed in Hoboken. The most successful film serials ever made in NJ is The Perils of Pauline, which was filmed during 1934. Yet the first year of operation began in 1978 when the economy’s economic standard sky-rocketed. In 2005 the Commission was extremely successful balancing an economic impact of $8,329,400. During the first 12 months of 2005, 937 projects were made in NJ, including a record 92 feature films, 3 telefilms, 173 television series and specials, 21 music videos a record 240 industrial, documentary, educational and short films, and another record of 408 commercials.

Summary of Internship

At the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission, there are various tasks that one, as an intern, is asked to perform. Usually, the type of work given to an intern is office work, which consists of organizing and filing cabinets, making a couple of spreadsheets, answering the phone, picking and organizing photos of different places within NJ, emailing various companies with the information that the need, updating both the data base and the cabinet list, scheduling and confirming move-shooting days, and checking online site for any updates on new celebrities and new movie releases. One must learn to deal with the task at hand, pay close attention, follow instructions and get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The NJMP&TVC focuses greatly on bringing or “commissioning” directors and film makers to NJ. The Commission attempts to find various locations in NJ where filmmakers can shoot a movie. Sending photographs and information about the location, is what the commission needs to focus on. For example, if someone is looking for a park to film in for a scene in their movie, the commission researches all the parks in NJ that may be available for shooting. However, keep in mind that in every job there must be a balance of power and a ranking of positions in order for the task at hand to be completed successfully. At the top is the Governor and following him are the Commissioners, followed by the Ex Officio and then the Staff. The Staff is broken up into six individual parts. At the very top is the executive director, then the associate director, followed by the production coordinator, assistant production coordinator, office manager, special projects manager and lastly the intern, who is considered part of the staff. My experience at the NJ Motion Picture and Television Commission has been simply amazing. I have learned that maturity, responsibility, effectiveness and attention are four important elements that gain a mentor’s trust and therefore lead to various privileges such as being able to go non set at movie-shootings. Mutual respect between an intern and his/her mentor, I found, is extremely key and important. It has been a real honor working at NJMP&TVC and it is an experience I shall cherish and carry with me always.

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