Student Information

Student Name

Napoleon Militar





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Columbia University Medical/ Celiac Disease Center

Mentor(s):Peter H.R. Green, M.D. and Cynthia Beckman

Topic of Internship

Celiac Disease/Endoscopy

Background Information

The Celiac Disease Center was established within the Department of Medicine at Columbia University in 2001. Its missions: to redefine the future of celiac disease and treatment on an ongoing basis through continuing advances in research, patient care, and physician and public education. The center provides comprehensive medical care, including nutrition, for adult and pediatric patients with celiac disease. All of the Center's research is directed toward celiac disease - clinical epidemiology, and mechanisms of celiac disease and patient and physician education. The Center is diagnosing and treating more than 2000 patients annually from around the world.

Summary of Internship

As and intern for both the office and hospital setting, I am able to offer valuable assitance for the Celiac Disease Center, while getting an education feel of the hospital setting. At this internship, it didn't take much time to be loaded with diligent office work. In the beginning I had to make many phone calls and some of them were quite interesting. I do much secretarial work such as filing many patient files and getting the mail. recently I've been able to shadow Dr. Green in the endoscopy suite since he's not in his office on Thursdays he felt it would be a good experience to watch him during his procedures. I have been able to watch him perform a variety of procedures and he even talks me through his procedures; he tells me what's what inside the body. Overall, this internship is quite interesting and is a good office and hospital setting experience

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