Student Information

Student Name

Nicholas Meyer




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Okonite

Mentor(s):Chris Wagner

Topic of Internship

Mechanical Engineering

Background Information

The Okonite Company was founded in 1878 making it one of the original insulators of electrical wire and cable in the United States. Earliest customers included Samuel F.B. Morse for his telegraph network and Thomas A. Edison for the Pearl Street Generating Station, the nation's first, built in New York City in 1882. Products manufactured in six plants range from insulated wire approximating a human hair in thickness to cable measuring six inches in diameter. Okonite is a premier manufacturer of high quality insulated electric wire and cable, specializing in high voltage cable (up to 345kV), medium voltage cables (from 5 to 69kV) and low voltage power, control and instrumentation cables. The cables are manufactured with a variety of materials including laminated polypropylene paper, thermosetting and thermoplastic insulation and jacketing compounds. Many products feature Okonite’s Okoguard® all Ethylene Propylene Rubber insulation system. These constructions are further complemented by a wide selection of metallic and non-metallic coverings to provide added mechanical protection to the wire and cable for various environments. Products are engineered and manufactured to meet the needs of many industries, including electric utilities, rapid transit systems, railroads, chemical producers, refineries and pulp & paper mills to name a few. Okonite's commitment to customer service is personal and substantial. Domestic sales and services are provided by a nationwide network of district sales offices staffed by experienced cable professionals. These offices, along with six (6) service center locations and six (6) manufacturing locations, are all managed from the corporate headquarters in Ramsey, New Jersey. The Orangeburg, South Carolina facilities (opened in 1993 and recently expanded to increase capacity 72%), are a new modern state-of-the-art rubber compounding and cable fabrication plants. The International Division operates directly from the Company's Ramsey, New Jersey Headquarters. The manufacturing locations are listed below: • Ashton, Rhode Island • Paterson, New Jersey • Orangeburg, South Carolina • Orangeburg, South Carolina(Compounding Facility) • Richmond, Kentucky • Santa Maria, California Since its founding Okonite has emphasized research and development in the compounding and fabrication of insulating and jacketing materials, thereby providing a list of industry "firsts" in these technologies. The Research and Engineering Laboratories are located in Paterson, New Jersey. These facilities provide us with the finest cable evaluation equipment in the industry. Many of Okonite's proprietary products have thus become generic in describing wire and cable products for a multitude of specialized services. For the first eighty years, Okonite was a privately held, limited investor owned company. In June 1976, Okonite became the largest company in the United States owned by its employees through an Employees' Stock Ownership Trust. In this unique ownership structure, the Okonite's employees, whose seniority averages over twenty years, have become intimate participants in the prosperity and future of the Company. Continued modernization of existing facilities and the additional new Orangeburg facilities, through a program of capital investment demonstrates Okonite's commitment to maintain state-of-the-art processing technology. A plant addition and new equipment has been initiated in the Santa Maria Facility and construction is expected to begin in Mid 2008. Computerization within the Okonite organization is broad in scope. Feedback from sensing devices permits computer systems to maintain production tolerances within prescribed narrow limits as well as to automate operations. The administrative function which includes reporting, customer specification analysis, cost estimating, engineering design and production control is fully computer dependent. All aspects of The Okonite Company function in a modern environment.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Okonite, I had to have a full understanding of AutoCAD because it was crucial to work in the Facilities’ Department of Engineering. I was given and entrusted with a lot of responsibility very quickly. I was responsible for making and updating a lot of drawings in AutoCAD that had to be done for the company to pass code, buy, sell, and make merchandise. There was always something to do whether it was working on drawing in AutoCAD, putting together manuals, or learning about the field of engineering, or the history of the company from my mentor. Even though I reported to the facilities in Ramsey and did most of my work there, my mentor took me to the plant in Paterson and gave me a full understanding of how the plant operates. I was exposed to various facets of engineering such as mechanical, electrical, and structural, which involved machinery, building design, and construction. I learned about how environmental and safety regulations are integrated with designing and operating facilities.

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