Student Information

Student Name

Brian Tagalog




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Ivivitechnologies Inc.

Mentor(s):Andre' A. DiMino, Matthew Drummer

Topic of Internship

Engineering: Electronics

Background Information

Ivivitechnologies is a very unique electronics company specializing in the medical industry. Ivivitechnologies continually develops and refines FDA cleared, non-invasive bio-electronic devices for diverse markets. Ivivitechnologiesí devices and research are targeted at the wound, post-surgical, and pain markets. The technologies developed by Ivivitechnologies have clinically been proven to reduce pain and allow for full recovery from wounds. Ivivitechnologies is a fast-growing company that has recently began trading its common stock on the NASDAQ, the largest U.S. electronic stock market.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Ivivitechnologies, I did more than I expected any intern could do at this level of education. The talented engineers and workers at this company allowed me to grow as an engineer in a welcoming and open environment. Since day one, I observed the workings of an innovative company seeking to better their electronics. Every day was a completely new and refreshing experience for me. One day, I found myself troubleshooting defective devices and the following week I assisted my mentor in ordering components for devices online. My mentor was helpful in allowing me to explore my interests in the engineering field and made every day at internship a learning experience catered to my interests. My primary project was designing a device that checks the power of one of Ivivitechnologiesí devices. As part of the procedure, I was taught how to use a specific program to design the layout of the circuit board and to properly solder components onto it. Designing the case for the circuit board was the next step in the process. I was able to experience the workings of creating and designing electronics from scratch. Through my experience, I learned what processes must be done in order to create an electronic device successfully. It seemed as if everyone at Ivivitechnologies went out of their way to ensure that my internship was the most beneficial as it could possibly be, and I am grateful to be part of such a company. My experiences at Ivivitechnologies have definitely given me the confidence to pursue an engineering career in the future.

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