Student Information

Student Name

Kevin Obello




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Public Schools Technology Department

Mentor(s):John Moe

Topic of Internship

Technology Department/Information Systems Management

Background Information

The Englewood Public School District Technology Department provides IT services for the teachers and students of the Englewood Public School District. One part of the departmentís job is to supply and maintain the IT network infrastructure for the entire district in order to communicate with the outside world. On behalf of the employees, the technology department troubleshoots and fixes any issues that may arise in the computers. Another integral area in Information Systems is securiy. The technology department abides by district and government policies through the implementation of industry standard firewall and virus protection to protect sensitive and personal data from outside as well as inside intrusion. This internship is ideal for those who desire to maintain various technology and policies through problem solving and social interaction.

Summary of Internship

I had several vital roles as an intern. First, I replaced old computers in the district with new and faster computers to improve the productivity of the district. Next, I fix minor computer problems that may arise with some employees within the district. Although I mostly did repetitive work, I learned many important lessons that would help me prepare for the real world. For example, helping and interacting with technology-illiterate people helps me build my social and people skills. Interning with Mr. Moe allowed me to learn financial and work strategies that would benefit me when I start my own business or work in a company. For example, I learned how to improve and/or upgrade old technology without denting the district budget by gradually introducing new technology over a longer period of time--giving priority to those who require it first. This is a great internship for those who enjoy working with people and technology and solving technological dilemmas that may arise in a business or educational environment.

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