Student Information

Student Name

Lauren McHale




Internship Information

Company/Organization: PMK Group

Mentor(s):Jim Ferris

Topic of Internship


Background Information

PMK Group is a consulting and environmental engineering firm that was founded in 1986 by Philip Myles Keegan. The company is staffed with registered professional engineers and certified professionals directing a staff of mechanical, electrical, geotechnical, environmental and chemical engineers, scientists, geologists, hydro-geologists, and industrial hygienists. It has considerable experience and knowledge in the following industries and sectors: healthcare, education (K-12 and higher education), local and country government, and light automotive. Sub markets for the company include architects, attorneys, construction managers, developers, financial institutions, and insurance professionals. PMK Groups’ goal is to provide good quality and meet their client’s needs. Their mission states to “develop cost effective consulting, engineering and regulatory compliance solutions to address our clients' needs; and create career and financial satisfaction for our valued employees and shareholders.”

Summary of Internship

At the PMK Group I am having a great experience that I will never forget. Throughout the year I have been reviewing many different environmental projects that the company has had to deal with. I discuss with certain people about the projects which they are responsible for, such as the in house attorney and various engineers. I follow up on these projects until they are resolved and no longer in the hands of PMK. I was very privileged to have dealt with one case involving a homeowner who is poor and who wanted to sell his property. However, in doing so the buyer requested that an environmental study be performed as part of the sale. PMK was contracted to perform the soil evaluation. They found that the soil was contaminated with heating oil which had leaked from an underground tank. With PMK Groups’ help, the property owner was successful in receiving a New Jersey DEP Grant which will pay for nearly 90% of the cost which is estimated to be around $180,000. PMK is conducting the clean up right now. Through all of this I really get to see how the work force is and how everyone interacts with one another for the benefit of the company and its’ clients.

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