Student Information

Student Name

Justin George





Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Valley Hospital

Mentor(s):Tomas Hiciano

Topic of Internship

Pharmacy Department

Background Information

The Valley Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital that started during the early years of the 20th century. Many community programs were run at the time to generate funds for the construction of the hospital. The current hospital building opened 55 years ago, which is located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Today it is one of the busiest hospitals in the area, serving more than 60,000 patients in 2007. Currently it is licensed to house 451 beds for patients. A workforce of 800 physicians, 3,000 employees, and 3,700 volunteers help the hospital bring excellent care to its patients.

Summary of Internship

At the Valley Hospital pharmacy, I have many roles. I put away med shipments that come in during the morning, restock the med shelves, reorder papers, label drugs, and much more. I have seen a few interesting patient cases so far and many of which were very eye-opening experiences. Working in a hospital has helped me understand the true value of life and the importance of health in our lives. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in pharmacy, as it is a great learning experience. The workforce here is very dedicated to their patients and they work around the clock to ensure patient satisfaction. Pharmacy is a very competitive major to get accepted in so to be sure one will be comfortable in that field, this internship is a great way to know.

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