Student Information

Student Name

Maria Rodriguez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: the Kamson Corporation

Mentor(s):Mieke Nielson, Tom Devaney

Topic of Internship

Accounting, Real Estate, Taxation, Investments, Property Management

Background Information

The Kamson Corporation began in 1974 with Richard J. Kurtzís vision and leadership. He started his career after purchasing about eleven housing units in Garfield, NJ. He was determined to build up on his career. He then decided to create a residential real estate firm. Thanks to his great determination he reached his goal. With the help of his son Jeff Kurtz, he has now led the corporation to great success as a top leader in the northeast that owns and operates over 75 investment properties located in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The Kamson Corporation consists of about 10,000 units of residential and commercial real estate in the Tri-state area. Their portfolio includes a diverse mix of garden style and hi-rise apartments in both suburban and urban area environments. Kamson also employs over 600 professionals who take pride in transforming standard apartments into superior living environments.

Summary of Internship

At the Kamson Corporation you will learn so much if you really pay full attention. So much stuff goes on in the corporation. There is always something to do. My job is to learn as much as I can even if it means that I must make copies all day. I have done so much in the last three to four months that I have interned there. I have learned things such as improving my computer skills to actually working with the different databases used in the company. Not only have I had a real feel about how it feels to work as an accountant but I have also learned how technology applies to this career. This internship has given me the opportunity to learn so much interesting things that I never knew and that I know I will need to know later in life.

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