Student Information

Student Name

Tonya Stevenson





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Department of Public Works- Englewood, New Jersey

Mentor(s):Ms. Wilma Clay

Topic of Internship

Enviromental Maintenance / Sanitation

Background Information

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is the main department of Englewood that is responsible for the basic maintenance of the city of Englewood. DPW consists of 6 different departments which included Administration,Sanitation Department, Tree/Sewer Department, Roads Department, Central Maintenance Department, and Buildings and Grounds Department. The head director of DPW, Mr.Clyde Sweatt, oversees each and every department, which are headed by 6 different supervisors. DPW also works with the other major departments throughout the city. These departments include the Police Department, the Health Department, the Recreation Department, and City Hall. They all work together to make sure that the city of Englewood is at it's best.

Summary of Internship

Before taking an internship at the Department of Public Works, I worked with DPW for the previous two summers. With having a little experience with them, I already knew what I had ahead of me. After working at DPW for a good amount of time, the work task became easier for me to understand and follow. My tasks throughout the year included, answering the phones for residents with questions and complaints, answering any questions the residents may have had, logging in complaints for the supervisor's awareness, writing up purchase vouchers and purchase orders, completing special mailing porjects to vendors and residents. One of my biggest projects was the 2008 Tonnage Report. The project itself took at least 2-3 people to complete, but I was able to finish the project myself. The project began from the Summer of 2007 and ended in the Fall of 2008. Besides the work load, and learning different work ethics and procedures, I learn alot of life lessons from my mentor, Ms. Wilma Clay, and the other supervisors around the department. At the end of everyday, I take what I learned from my internship and use it in everyday life. The people of DPW are more than just the people I work with. They have become a family to me. That's more than I could have ever imagined.

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