Student Information

Student Name

Nicholas Scibetta




Internship Information

Company/Organization: North Bergen Police Department

Mentor(s):Captain Robert Dowd and Sergeant Timothy Faranda

Topic of Internship

Law Enforcement

Background Information

The Township of North Bergen as we know it today was the first municipality in the State of New Jersey and was first settled by the Dutch in the early 1600’s. During the 1900’s a peace force known as “roundsmen” was organized and the township was only patrolled in the evening hours. By 1920, due to such an increase in population, it became necessary that North Bergen was in need of a full-time police force. On December 20th, 1923 Mayor Charles G. Morris put the police force into effect. Originally, the ordinance called for one police chief, one captain, 4 lieutenants, 3 sergeants, and 41 patrolmen, and their duties were “to repair serious fires, riots or tumultuous assemblages occurring within the township, to save and protect property, and to arrest or cause to be arrested such persons as may be violating laws, disturbing the peace or inciting others to do so.” Currently, the North Bergen Police Department has 123 officers, serving nearly 60,000 residents. - Cited from

Summary of Internship

The work at the North Bergen Police Department varies greatly, ranging from administrative paperwork to firearms training. The administrative aspect of the internship requires file work and record keeping, such as the attendance of all personnel, personnel medical files, personnel orders, training orders, general orders, and memorandums. The traffic aspect of the department requires the organization and filing of all traffic reports, including car towings, accidents, and other various traffic offenses. In November I had the great opportunity to accompany officers on foot patrol at the annual Winterfest and was able to witness a high school police lockdown for a drug sweep, something a high school student is constitutionally required not to witness. I have also been present at a burglary investigation and had the opportunity to learn to handle the standard 9mm pistol and shotgun, an opportunity for which I am very thankful. This internship is exceptionally beneficial as it strongly prepares me for my future as a police officer and allows me to learn aspects of law enforcement that most civilians haven’t learned before entering the police academy.

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