Student Information

Student Name

Almas Bhatti




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Pediatric Dental Arts

Mentor(s):Dr. Ghajari

Topic of Internship

Pediatric Dentistry

Background Information

Pediatric Dental Arts is located in Fort Lee, NJ in a prime location across Fort Lee High School. At the age of fourteen Dr. Ghajari decided on becoming a dentist. She always knew she wanted to go into medicine but she did not want to deal with life or death situations and dentistry was the best option. She attended Manhattan College and received her DDS degree from Columbia University. After working for another dental practice she decided to open up her own office in 1998. Ten years later she has a flourishing practice with loyal and satisfied patients.

Summary of Internship

I personally knew my mentor before my internship started since she is my own dentist so I thought I knew what to expect, but I was wrong. On the first day of my internship I was introduced to the staff who showed me around the office and explained where all the instruments and supplies were. After that brief introduction, I was surprised I was going to be assisting the doctor on the first day. Overtime my responsibilities became similar to the dental assistantís. My tasks included sterilizing instruments, preparing and cleaning up after procedures, assisting the doctor during procedures, taking and developing x-rays, and memorizing the names and locations of each instrument. Initially, I was very overwhelmed at the amount of material I had to memorize but I was really motivated to learn. After interning at a pediatric dental office I believe it is a much more difficult job than a regular dentist. I see my mentor deal with all kinds of children some of which are very apprehensive while being treated and others who tolerate everything. Itís been such a great experience because it helped me find the career path I want to take.

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