Student Information

Student Name

Ingrid Linhares




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Passaic County Community College

Mentor(s):Ruggiero Manente

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Mission of Passaic County Community College is to provide academic, cultural, and technological resources and experiences to the residents of Passaic County. Through education, they seek to help bring about more satisfying and productive personal lives, stronger community leadership, and a strengthened economic base. High quality college programs are at the heart of their mission. Additionally, they are committed to addressing community needs through English as a second language instruction, basic skills instruction, career training, cultural programming, and collaboration with other organizations and agencies. Passaic County's rich diversity defines PCCC and shapes their efforts. They know that if their programs are to be accessible and the students are to succeed, they must go beyond the basic requirements of open admission, relevant programs, convenient locations, and affordability. They must strive to address the wide variety of student learning needs through excellence in teaching and the innovative use of technology.

Summary of Internship

At PCCC’s adjunct office, I have worked through everything from filing to lesson plans. I have helped create lesson plans for my mentor’s ESL class: helping him with class work and quizzes. I got a wonderful opportunity to work with the students as well when I had to go different classes so that the instructors could get evaluated. I earned the trust from the department to hold responsibility to do payroll for the adjuncts. Communication was always a vital aspect in the office since I worked with both the chair of the ESL department as well as my mentor, the supervisor.

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