Student Information

Student Name

Folashade Shelton




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Ronald Schmidt & Association P.A

Mentor(s):Sherry Bauer

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The architectural firm of Ronald Schmidt & Associates, P.A. was formed in 1983 by Ronald Schmidt. Taking advantage of his background with several fine design firms, Mr. Schmidt recognized that there are no stock solutions to complex architectural problems. He also understood that the combination of fee and construction cost value and design excellence were complementary objectives that could be delivered by a firm that was structured to deliver them. Everyone who works at Ronald Schmidt & Associates is empowered with knowledge and decision making ability that is a benefit to our clients and employees alike. Our commitment to expanding our expertise is the reason why Ronald Schmidt & Associates is registered as a continuing education provider.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Ronald Schmidt & Association every week I was exposed to many tasks as well as responsibilities architects are faced with often. Here at my internship, the training wheels where off on my first day. My first assignment began as soon as I was seated at my desk. I was given basically three days to teach myself an incredible program called AutoCAD. By myself I had to catch up and be up to par with everyone else in the firm. Iíve later realized, teaching myself this program gave me some respect as well as illustrating to everyone else that I wouldnít be so dependent on people. While at my internship I worked on structural designs such as floor and site plans. I was given different tasks every week, some that challenged my mind and others that were easily understood. If by any means that I had a problem figuring out a task, someone was always there to assist. Iíve learned about red lines, presentation drawings, etc. I can say that, being an intern here at Ronald Schmidt & Association has definitely broaden my knowledge on my career choice which is architecture.

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