Student Information

Student Name

Katherine Alcalde




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Intermedia Post

Mentor(s):Raymond Rivera, Joey Pizza

Topic of Internship

2-D and 3-D animation

Background Information

Our skilled staff will help bring all of your creative ideas to life as well as suggest creative possibilities to contribute to your success. At Intermediapost we continually invest in the latest equipment and technologies to make sure nothing is beyond your reach. IMP is an "A" to "Z" all-in-one facility that will deliver your media requirements worldwide- within your budget and timeframe. The perfect blend of sight and sound, Intermediapost sets the highest standard in the industry in the art of audio, video, web, print, and multimedia production. Our facility offers every conceivable facet of production, from creative concept to final product, while providing the finest in personal service.

Summary of Internship

At Intermediapost, you can choose to experience different sections of post-production. There are different departments in post-production including animation, video production, graphics, and audio production. In the animation department, an intern can do a variety of things. For example, you can learn to do actual 3-D animation or you can learn the art of normal 2-D animation. Interns can also observe different parts of multimedia by observing your mentorís work. Everyone may be an expert at something but they are usually doing other things that donít relate to their work title so interns experience a variety of multimedia arts.

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