Student Information

Student Name

Grazyna (Grace) Zawol




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Law Office of Bruce Egert

Mentor(s):Bruce Egert

Topic of Internship

Real Estate and Medical Malpractice Law

Background Information

Bruce Egert established his law firm in 1980 and ever since, has been practicing in Queens, New York and Hackensack, New Jersey. Mr. Egert runs a full-service law office with a concentration mostly on real estate matters, personal injury cases, and both personal and business finance issues. Some of the cases he deals with have to do with foreclosures, closings, investments, as well as automobile injuries, medical malpractice and other related topics. Bruce’s associated counsel also practices other areas of law besides those that he deals with. The office has always viewed providing its customers with high-level legal services as a priority.

Summary of Internship

At the Law Office of Bruce Egert learning everything you would need to know about our legal system is at the tip of your fingers. Tasks vary from filing work to organizing folders and separating paperwork; there’s also answering phone calls, making copies, sending out letters, and running errands to the court house. During my time at the law office I did a little of each of these tasks and it all added up to an internship with a variety of experiences. I would have to say that the most challenging was actually getting the hang of understanding the legal work that went through the office and the paperwork that each case needs in order for it to eventually be settled. The law office is a small work environment where the staff was a wonderful group of people who helped me learn more about the law field and showed me how an office is run. All together, this provided me with a great senior internship.

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