Student Information

Student Name

Richard Witter




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Columbia University

Mentor(s):Caroline Maleke

Topic of Internship

Ultrasound and Elasticity Imaging Laboratory

Background Information

The Laboratory's main interests are in the development of novel elasticity imaging techniques and applications, and more notably, ligament elastography, myocardial elastography, harmonic motion imaging, focused ultrasound therapy and pulse wave imaging with several close clinical collaborations in the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Summary of Internship

For the duration of my internship I mainly worked and learning under Caroline Maleke, a Ph.D Student at Columbia University. Most of my time was spent in the lab with her, learning the theories and disciplines of diagnostic ultrasonography. To get me better acquainted with the ultrasound field, I learned various principles and concepts about sound and sound motion. As I became more familiar with the calculations and concepts used in the ultrasound field, I was allowed to experiment with “phantoms”; samples of artificial human tissue. Experimentation with the phantoms not only fortified my understanding of some of the previous concepts I had learned, but opened my eyes to other diagnostic uses for ultrasound technology. Likewise, the research I learned to do using scholarly journals showed me the amount of work people have put into studying the science of ultrasound. As my internship progressed, I learned more ways in which ultrasound was used, from noninvasive, real-time visualizing of cancerous tissues, to graphing the pressure-volume measurements of a dog’s heart. For any student planning to go into the Biomedical Engineering field, this internship would be an amazing opportunity to get hands-on experience in an upcoming research and diagnostic field of science.

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