Student Information

Student Name

Aidan Castori





Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Aquarian Weekly

Mentor(s):Patrick Slevin

Topic of Internship

Musical Journalism

Background Information

The Aquarian Weekly is an alternative music newspaper that has served the tri-state area since the early ‘70s. Every week, The Aquarian is responsible for keeping the public informed about the constantly changing world of music and through the use of interviews, CD review features and concert previews that cite the many dealings with major record labels. It also provides up and coming bands with their first taste of publicity and exposure by spotlighting their upcoming performances and reviewing their albums and concerts. In addition, The Aquarian Weekly publishes DVD reviews, horoscopes, and political editorials.

Summary of Internship

At The Aquarian my functions vary from writing ‘spotlight articles’ that highlight a band or artist’s upcoming concert venue, CD and DVD reviews, or previews for large musical events such as Bamboozle and Lollapalooza. It’s indescribably rewarding to be assigned to write about a band or artist that I happen to be a fan of, and to have my work published for all of the tri-state area to see. Through the Aquarian I have access to news in the musical world before most, free CDs and DVDs of bands that I review, and an entirely different perspective of our musical culture. All perks and insight aside, the primary goal of The Aquarian is to produce reliable journalism and up to date information about the world of music.

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