Student Information

Student Name

Christina Charlery





Internship Information

Company/Organization: M Magazine

Mentor(s):Kim Messina

Topic of Internship


Background Information

M magazine was established in January 2001 by the current editor-in-chief Molly MacDermot. Its target audience is young teenagers. The main focus of M Magazine is to focus on positive young teen stars. The magazine consists of advice columns, horoscopes, posters, and tons of celebrity features. M magazine is under Bauer Publishing, a German owned company which also publishes magazines like Womanís World, Life & Style, and In Touch along with a number of others based in Germany.

Summary of Internship

The tasks that my mentor gives me at M Magazine are very enlightening into the field of teen magazine journalism. Every week horoscopes on the magazine website need to be updated. Itís the perfect time to show your creativity. The horoscopes are completely up to you as long as you donít say anything inappropriate. One of the highlights of interning at M is being able to interview the hot teen celebrities mostly via phone. Other than that an internís day consists of transcribing interviews, sorting prize mail, and writing blogs on the M Myspace page. Occasionally I also work the reception desk. Working at M has exposed me to pressures of working at a magazine. Along with making sure you have the latest news and attractive layouts, you must meet deadlines. Working at M has been a great experience and I know it will help further my career in journalism.

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