Student Information

Student Name

Amy Morales




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Van Saun Park Zoo

Mentor(s):Mary Vella

Topic of Internship

Domestic Animal Keeper

Background Information

This great zoo, located in Van Saun County Park, is home to a wide variety of wild and domestic animals, living in recreated habitats natural to each species. The grounds are well-maintained, and the animals are well cared for. Without zoos like this that participate in the Species Survival Plan, the world would be a much poorer place. This zoo has many different species of birds, some exotic and rare, such as the endangered Andean Condor. Reptiles, like the Red-footed Tortoise, the Green Iguana, and Boa Constrictor will be found here, as will mammals such as the Ferret, Macaws, American Bison, Elk, Mountain Lion, Tapir, Ocelot, Tamarin, and many others. The Farmyard with domestic animals such as donkeys, geese, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and a great North American Wetlands Aviary are just two of the special exhibits here that draw 500,000 visitors annually. A variety of family activities and programs throughout the year will entertain and educate children of all ages.

Summary of Internship

A day at my internship starts at 8 A.M and doesnít end till around 5 P.M. Iím either placed to work in Domestic or the AHC (Animal Holding Center). Which ever one it may be I enjoy both. In Domestic I deal more with the barn animals where in the morning I feed them their A.M meal and then clean up after them. People may say that itís dirty work but it has to get done and at the same time I get to enjoy playing with the animals. Later I prepare the buckets, which means I prepare the grain buckets for feed. I then help out with whoever needs the extra help. By the time you know it the day is over and itís time to go home. When I am in the AHC I feed the animals in the morning and then Iíll start cleaning up the rooms. I like to do the mammal room even though I have to disinfect, but it does not bother me. After that I start preparing the diets for the animals. When everything is done I cleanup and before the day ends I just rinse out the cages again in the mammal room. This may seem like a lot of work but I have other people to help me out. Throughout the day Iíll help stock anything that needs to be or just try to offer as much help as possible.

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