Student Information

Student Name

Satia A. Miller





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Care Plus NJ

Mentor(s):Mr. Marc Cooper, Ms. Terry Thomas

Topic of Internship

Mental Health

Background Information

Care Plus NJ is a mental health facility in Paramus, NJ that offers a wide array of counseling and therapy services to people who suffer from mental illness, are recovering from substance abuse, have experienced a traumatic event or are having emotional or behavioral problems among many other ailments. Their mission statement describes how as an organization, “This agency is dedicated to excellence in mental healthcare and has a commitment to life-long support needed by individuals and their families to ensure that they achieve their full potential to improve the quality of their lives”. Care Plus NJ is currently the leading provider of thorough mental health recovery-based treatment in New Jersey, and as a non-profit organization, is aiding to help the detrimental afflictions of the mind that are often overlooked.

Summary of Internship

An internship in the Partial Care department at Care Plus NJ is a truly changing experience. Not only does one learn about the industry aspect of psychology such as how the finances work and the hierarchy of mental health workers, therapists, but also about the effects of mental illness not only on clients but also on families, friends and mental health workers in general. As an intern, my day is basically the same as those of the clients. I attend group therapy sessions, meet with mental health workers and immerse myself in the Care Plus Community. Without a degree and license, interns are generally observers, but by being able to observe without the responsibility of counseling, one is able to really focus on the circumstances and how mental illness can affect reactions to everyday life stressors.

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