Student Information

Student Name

Austin Yoon




Internship Information

Company/Organization: RecycleTech Corp./O2 Technologies Inc.

Mentor(s):Howard Adams

Topic of Internship


Background Information

My company RecycleTech Corp. is headquartered in Ridgefield, New Jersey where it specializes in the recycling of EPS foam materials since its foundation in 2004. Today, the company consists of approximately 10 members, who offers to retailers and manufacturers a line of equipment that can transform various types of EPS scrap into valuable material so its clients can not only reduce their waste hauling cost in great deal, but also generate revenue. The company is also in partnership with the Polk County Solid Waste Division located in Lakeland, Florida, its first EPS Processing facility. O2 Technologies is a New Jersey based Research & Development company dedicated to oxygen generators since its foundation in 1998. The innovative miniature oxygen generators developed by O2 Technologies have brought a major breakthrough in oxygen related consumer products. O2 Technologies Inc. is a committed company that uses oxygen in their innovative devices to enhance the human health.

Summary of Internship

At RecycleTech/O2 Technologies, I perform many different tasks. Some of things I do is add information to databases, research, file papers, throw away garbage, vacuum the floors, stuff envelopes, send mail, etc. I also help downstairs at the warehouse where they produce their oxygenated products by helping with the packaging and assembling. Besides from the many tasks there was to complete, my mentor and the many employees at RecycleTech/O2 Technologies has taught me several business values and how oxygen can help purify the body and make a person healthier. So far, the senior experience at this company is great because it exposes one to both engineering and business.

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