Student Information

Student Name

Gregory Klose




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palisades Financial

Mentor(s):Mark Zurlini

Topic of Internship

Real Estate/Finance

Background Information

Palisades Financial is a real estate, investment banking, and advisory services firm, that was established in 1995 by William Procida that specializes in middle market companies. Since its founding, Palisades Financial has effectively completed over $2 billion in transactions in 14 different states. The firm’s team has represented many investment funds, fund managers, and institutional lenders in deploying capital and managing assets. One of the very successful funds of Palisades Financial is called Palisades Regional Investment Funds, which has invested in transactions valued at over $500 million. The company prides itself in being a unique financial service that understands the true mindset of its builders and developer’s and creating special “working partnerships” to complete transactions and create value.

Summary of Internship

My experience at Palisades Financial has been a great way for me to learn about real estate development and how the principals of a business can truly work together and become successful. Aside from the general office work I was given to do, the best aspect of my internship was when I offered the opportunity of doing much more important tasks. I spent plenty of time researching the various properties that Palisades Financial becomes involved with. I read and conduct appraisals, the determining of property values, on commercial and residential properties. I also read other important documents, such as real estate contracts. I have even gotten the chance to see the different property sites with my mentor. Occasionally, I listen in on conferences about how the deals are put together. From performing these various tasks and being a part of the Palisades Financial team, I have definitely gained more knowledge and more experience in a field that I taken great interest in.

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