Student Information

Student Name

James White




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Arts Horizons

Mentor(s):Katie Leiby

Topic of Internship

Arts in Education

Background Information

Arts Horizons, first known as Festival of Music was founded in 1978 by John Devol in order to teach students through the arts. He had come together with a few of his friends and they devoted their time and efforts in bringing arts back into the schools and the lives of children. Arts Horizons began with a solitary program at one school. This non-profit organization has grown to become the largest professional organization in the New York tri-state area dedicated entirely to arts-in-education.

Summary of Internship

I worked all around Arts Horizons learning about what a non-profit organization is all about. I learned how to do data entry. I also learned how to do a mailing list. I learned how much they have to prepare for the conventions they go to. These conventions help get the word out about Arts Horizons. I learned how to use patron mail as well. I also helped design a postcard. I also did calls to the elderly centers for the Leroy Neiman Center. I do organization and closet sorting. All in all, it is an eye-opening experience. I never knew how much work it took to give back to the community. From the preparation to the organization, the business really needs everyone, no matter how small a job, to make it work.

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