Student Information

Student Name

Lisha Malkani




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Public Health Research Institute (TB Lab)

Mentor(s):Dr. Barry Kreiswirth

Topic of Internship

Bio-Medical Research

Background Information

The Public Health Research Institute is located in Newark, NJ, in affiliation with UMDNJ. The Tuberculosis Center was created in at the PHRI in early 1990s. Under the guidance of Dr. Barry Kreiswirth, the TB center has collaborated with the New York State Department of Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention for TB control efforts. The PHRI TB Center uses the techniques of molecular epidemiology to genetically characterize tuberculosis isolates in order to make it possible to track TB transmission in the community, hospitals, prisons, etc. Furthermore, the TB Center researchers have tested experimental compounds in drug discovery programs, and have developed rapid diagnostic tools to improve the accuracy and speed of speciation and drug susceptibility testing.

Summary of Internship

As a high school senior, my responsibilities at the TB research center were very limited, however, after thorough training, I have become a skilled member of the family. My activities have given me the ability to sharpen my lab skills. At the center, I perform Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR), design primers for the PCR process, and perform electrophoresis. Furthermore, I assist the researchers in their data analysis. I also work with my mentor to perform various experiments using bacteriophages. My mentor and I discuss the structure of the bacteria, possible treatments, and what the future holds. The PHRI TB center consists of a team of professionals that provide a workplace, where I can learn and grow.

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