Student Information

Student Name

Brian David





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Watson Wyatt Data Services

Mentor(s):Marc McBrearty and Jaine Jacobs

Topic of Internship

Management/Survey Analysis

Background Information

Watson Wyatt Data Services (WWDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Watson Wyatt Worldwide, is a leading provider of compensation, benefits and employment practices information to the global employer community. From offices around the world we solicit, analyze, and publish an extensive library of printed, interactive, and on-line survey reports. Our compensation databases are recognized worldwide as the most reliable source of current data for compensation planning. Covering more than 95 countries across six continents, our data centers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America annually compile reports on the remuneration, benefits, and employment practices of local and multinational companies. Our “in-country” experts apply their local knowledge of the varied employment markets, practices and customs to deliver a complete compensation picture that can be used to create sound, market-based pay programs for entire organizations. Our international databases contain compensation information covering millions of employees based on the annual survey participation of organizations ranging from emerging growth companies to many of the world’s largest conglomerates. In addition to compensation surveys, WWDS also publishes references that help HR practitioners attract, retain and reward exceptional employees. These guides cover a wide variety of subject areas, including variable pay, performance management, and personnel policies on a local, regional, and global basis.

Summary of Internship

At Watson Wyatt Data Services it is extremely easy to learn a lot about how companies run from the inside out. There is always work to do and there are always coworkers who are there to help in every step of the way. A lot of the work is independent work while working hand in hand with project teams. Most of the tasks include data/survey analysis, proofreading, data entry, program language, and representing data in presentable manners. I have to make sure all of the data is accurate before it is published. An internship at WWDS is an amazing experience where I am able to see how a company really runs from a management perspective. The management aspect of companies really draws me to the business field and at WWDS, I am able to really get a feel of how the workforce really is.

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