Student Information

Student Name

Tina Homayounifar




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Humane Society of New York

Mentor(s):Dr. Michael Rubinstein, Ms. Susan Richmond

Topic of Internship

Veterinary Medicine

Background Information

Founded in 1904, the original mission of the Humane Society of New York was to protect New York City's horses from abuse. The society was funded and expanded into the hospital and adoption center that it is today, treating upwards of 30,000 cats and dogs annually. Throughout the years, the HSNY has maintained a similar mission: to care for animals in need, whose owners are of limited means. The HSNY is an animal clinic more than a hospital, but what sets it apart from other clinics is that the quality of care is up to par despite the very affordable rates. The HSNY tries to think of the animals it treats as individuals, physically and emotionally.

Summary of Internship

Working at the Humane Society has given me a first-hand look at the practice of veterinary medicine. Every other week, I rotate between the clinic and the surgery room. While in the clinic, I assist Dr. Rubinstein in his examinations of the patients. I draw up vaccines to be administered to the patients, set up blood and fecal matter tests, and prepare blood samples to be sent to the lab by spinning them in the centrifuge. When I'm in the surgery suite, there's always a lot to do. I clean the surgical instruments and prepare sterilized surgery packs. I'm very privileged to be able to observe the entire process of surgery, from administrating anesthesia to preparing the patient for surgery to the actual operation itself, and assist the surgeons if necessary. I have witnessed many facinating procedures, including spaying and neutering, knee repair, growth and polyp removals, tumor biopsies, and dental procedures. After the operation, I monitor the patients as they recover from anesthesia. Due to my internship at HSNY, I now have an excellent background for my future career in veterinary medicine.

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