Student Information

Student Name

Tugberk Sahin




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Merrill Lynch

Mentor(s):Gregory Goodman

Topic of Internship

Finance/ Wealth Management

Background Information

With offices in 36 countries/territories and total client assets worth approximately $1.6 trillion, Merrill Lynch is one of the world’s premier leading financial management and advisory companies. Merrill Lynch consists of three core businesses – Global Private Client, Global Markets & Investment Banking Group and Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. Merrill Lynch, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, provides investment, financing, advisory, insurance, and related services on a global basis. Merrill Lynch remains the market leader with the scale and position to provide wealth management and investment services to clients across a broad range of wealth levels. Merrill Lynch is able to offer a plethora of services depending on the needs of the individual or the organization. At the core of Merrill Lynch philosophy are the Financial Advisors who manage money for the client by creating a structured monetary plan tailored to their individual needs. The FA’s (Financial Advisor’s) at Merrill Lynch, numbering close to 14,000, are some of the best in the world.

Summary of Internship

At Merrill Lynch, I worked closely with my mentor Greg Goodman and with his team of Wealth Management advisors as well as other financial planners within their branch in Fort Lee, New Jersey. I was able to get invaluable information into their office culture and how they interacted with their clients and exactly what skills I would need to learn in order to pursue a career in the field of Finance and Wealth Management. I was able to work with the highest end technology and therefore I gained an amazing wealth of knowledge on what I would need to do in order to pursue my goals.

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