Student Information

Student Name

Josh Ishak




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Public School District (Technology Operations Department)

Mentor(s):John Moe

Topic of Internship

Technology Department/Information Systems Management

Background Information

The Englewood Public School District Technology Department provides IT services for the teachers and students of the Englewood Public School District. One part of the department’s job is to supply and maintain the IT network infrastructure for the entire district in order to communicate with the outside world. On behalf of the employees, the technology department troubleshoots and fixes any issues that may arise in the computers. Another integral area in Information Systems is security. The technology department abides by district and government policies through the implementation of industry standard firewall and virus protection to protect sensitive and personal data from outside as well as inside intrusion. This internship is ideal for those who desire to maintain various technology and policies through problem solving and social interaction.

Summary of Internship

As an intern with the Englewood Public School District’s Department or Technology, I had many major roles in increasing the productivity of both the staff and the students in our district. First, I upgraded and maintained to computers in our district. This maintenance including everything from hardware issues and software issues, to teaching the users how to operate the computer. Although this work did get repetitive and tedious, it trained me to see certain problems and reinforced my ability to call upon the knowledge built from solving that problem in the past. My internship also helped me work on my “people skills”. Mr. Moe and Daichi were very helpful in building all of my skills, from interacting with clients to financing and preparing budgets, and looking at issues from “outside the box”.

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