Student Information

Student Name

Katherine Rodriguez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Division of Family Guidance

Mentor(s):Staci Block

Topic of Internship

Social Work

Background Information

The purpose of the Division of Family Guidance is to enhance the well-being of at-risk Bergen County youths and their families. Also, while enhancing their well-being the division is helping to improve the family’s self functioning in the community by providing a full-range of mental health, educational, and correctional services. Family Guidance was created in 1976 because of a study that was conducted by Dr. Lloyd McCorkle, a renowned criminologist and former Commissioner of Corrections in New Jersey. The result of the study was to create an umbrella agency to administer all county-funded programs which dealt with troubled youth. As the years progressed, Family Guidance created further programs in order to help meet the needs of children, youths, and families with unique cognitive, emotional and behavioral characteristics.

Summary of Internship

While interning in the Division of Family Guidance with my mentor, I am able to learn about new things in different fields. My mentor works with the group Reflections which is a group of volunteer adolescents who help their audience address teen issues, by improvising. As an intern I am able to assist her and see shows if they’re scheduled on Thursdays. On other days when there aren’t any scheduled shows I help with any paperwork or filing that needs to be done. I also, am able to meet with staff from different programs and divisions so I can get a better understanding of the field of human services.

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