Student Information

Student Name

Krishna Patel




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Trans World Marketing

Mentor(s):Patty Pellegrin/ Gerry Molitor

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Trans World Marketing is a company that designs and manufactures fixtures, brand shops, store environments and displays for retail. The company was once a trade shop called Trans World Manufacturing and was located in Little Ferry, New Jersey. James D. Cavaluzzi joined the company in 1969 where he started marketing their services directly to consumer product marketers. In 1982, the company moved to East Rutherford, New Jersey where it was renamed Trans World Marketing which symbolized the company’s specialty, P-O-P (Point of Purchase advertising). Nowadays, Trans World Marketing has an array of clients ranging from Benjamin Moore Paints to Panasonic Electronics. This company creates in-store displays by collaborating with their clients and understanding their objectives.

Summary of Internship

At Trans World Marketing, I have been given many tasks, which require intellect, patience and creativity. Some of the tasks include making phone calls, creating and entering information about clients into databases, market research, creating books, watching informational webinars with my mentor and creating PowerPoint presentations for clients. I have learned a lot about how to successfully market a product or a service. I have also improved greatly on my communication skills while making phone calls and organizational skills by creating databases. I have been able to see all the aspects of marketing, from the market research to persuading the client to presenting the final products. An internship at Trans world Marketing is a great experience because you see how different parts of a company connect to design, manufacture and market its products. Trans World Marketing also has a very kind team of professionals who have helped me understand more about the company and the workplace, which has made my experience especially great.

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